About Our Chef

Jermaine, our South Florida-native chef at 10x Vegan has been in the restaurant and hospitality business for more than 18 years. He has a large family, whom he cares for greatly, along with his love of food made from no animal products. He pours his love of this earth and all living beings into his recipes at 10x Vegan.

Come and enjoy the food and hospitality at this family-friendly, animal-friendly business!


Freshness and creativity are our favorite ingredients. Our menu is varied and the service is unmatched. If you’re looking for great tasting burgers, salads, and smoothies, and an up-beat and comfortable atmosphere, call us today or order online!

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From Our Customers


"Vegan Shopper" - Diana M.

"My online order for this newly rebranded business was quick and easy. The food was ready by the time I got there to pick it up, and quite delicious!"


"First Time Vegan" - Eric W.

"Why did we ever eat animals? I had never tried vegan meats, and the presentation and taste of the 'Impossible Meat' at this restaurant was just delicious."


"Vegan Romeo" - Alfred P.

"We dined here on our first date and had a blast! The service was exceptional and fun; not to mention great fast delivery of the food and clean and intimate atmosphere."